Friday, July 21, 2006

Set the puppies free!

You know, this is very simple. All we want is a dog. A puppy. We're looking for a puggle. Yes, it is a popular dog right now. No, they haven't been hard to find. What's been hard to find is a reputable breeder that will call us back. Are you people allergic to making money? Here we are, waving around a wad of hundred dollars bills, ready to hand it over to the first person that will hand us a dog, and we can't get one taker. What is the deal?

Several breeders won't return our calls. We're trying to eliminate those that look sketchy, but they're all starting to look sketchy. One has reviews on its Web site that are clearly fake. Most are sending us these weird emails that read like ransom notes. The puppies are being held hostage!

Puggles, are you out there? Any of you want to live with us?

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PhoenixHearse said...

When we were looking for a breeder for our first Great Dane, it was an absolute nightmare!

The first breeder would never return my calls, and finally her husband told me, "Yeah, the puppies were born, but the only female died." Wow, thanks for keeping me informed.

The next breeder seemed great. We saw the pictures, picked the puppy, and even sent a several hundred dollar deposit. Then, 2 weeks before we were supposed to pick her up the breeder said, "We've decided not to sell her, sorry". Umm, what is a deposit for??

Good luck in your search.