Monday, September 11, 2006 write or not to write?

So I've done Nanowrimo for the last three years. It's fantastic. I don't think there's another place where you can get feedback and support from so many writers. Sallyacious is doing it.

My problem is I'm feeling burned out from work. Write all day and then come home and write some more. I think I'll feel better once next week is over, but until then, Nanowrimo sounds like agony. I'm sure around October 29 I'll be foaming at the mouth, ready for the challenge, but not so much today. And the worst part is I've been pushing all my colleagues to join me in writing.

Plus, I had a plot, but it's feeling shaky right about now. Who else out there is doing Nanowrimo? Do you have any plot/outlining pulled together yet?

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tumblewords said...

It's a big deal. It can make a person fussy, tired and single. A book in print proves my 2005 Nanowrimo completion. I haven't a clue about this year. How about you? I guess once it's underway, things'll look up or come to a halt.