Thursday, May 05, 2005

Where's your box checked?

So now the FDA is going to impose rules that recommend that any man that has engaged in homosexual sex in the previous five years be barred from serving as an anonymous sperm donor.

How do doctors and sperm bank workers plan to enforce this rule? Will there be an application box somewhere that says "gay sex"? And do they expect that anyone will check it, now that it will make him a pariah?

It makes me think of those race boxes on college and job applications. White check here. Hispanic check here. If you want to make them suspicious, check Other. I always feel like I'm making a morality call. I vote for white. White is right. It doesn't feel right. Why does the world constantly have to be broken down into checkboxes?

And what does the FDA have to do with any of this gay sperm stuff? Sperm is neither a food (don't even say it) nor a drug (that's not any better either). Shouldn't this be CDC territory? And if it was, I'd hope their scientists would find a better way to keep patients safe than using some irrelevant determination of who is "healthy."

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Thai said...

do homosexual men make homosexual sperm, leading to homosexual babies?